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HighTechHornets STEM Club: A Year In Review

From 2015-2016, the STEM club, coached by Mrs. Pill and Mr. Tranter “soared” to new heights while obtaining further knowledge, all while having fun. Since August, the 14 new members have been working deliberately to program robots and launch rockets. Through the hard work and determination displayed among the students, the STEM club earned many awards and acknowledgements.

In October, the STEM club traveled down to the state’s capitol to compete in the pumpkin drop competition. Students were challenged to design and build an apparatus to protect a pumpkin as it free falls to the ground. Through careful planning the STEM club placed third in the middle school division. While visiting Charleston, the club took a tour of the capitol building along with viewing several monuments and finishing the day with a trip to the WV State Museum.

Once all the pumpkins were dropped, the STEM club started work on the First Lego League competition. This year the club explored what happens to trash after we throw it away. After many months of research we partnered with Resolute Forest Products in Fairmont to start a paper recycling program in our school. This program was a big hit among the community with the recycle bin ending near filled each and every week. This project won 1st place in the regional competition in Bridgeport. We then proceeded to present this project again at the state competition and won the 1st place inspiration award for inspiring the entire community to recycle.

Last, but not least, is the Team America Rocketry Challenge, or TARC. In TARC, students are challenged to design, build, and fly a rocket based on a set of requirements. This year, the rocket had to reach a height of 850 feet and protect two eggs upon landing. One of the three East Fairmont Middle School teams had great luck and won 104th place out of 600+ teams nationwide. The competition was tough this year, and despite not advancing to the national finals, the teams still had a fun and educational experience.

The STEM club would like to thank the school and the community for being so cooperative and supportive of all our STEM activities. Without help, the club wouldn’t be able to do half the things we accomplished this year. The club would also like to specially thank our coaches, Mrs. Pill and Mr. Tranter, for staying long hours after school to allow us to work when we needed it most. Next year, new students will be added to the club so they too can learn and have as much fun as we did this year.

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