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We Came, We Dropped, WE PLACED!

Capital City Pumpkin Drop

While most teenage kids were at home sleeping before the busy school day started, the HighTechHornets loaded the bus and headed off to Charleston WV to compete in the 17th anual Pumpkin Drop! 19 Students and 5 adults loaded the bus at 6 am and we departed. All the pumpkins were loaded up and every duct tape strip was placed perfectly! We arrived in Charleston around 9 am and we were one of the first teams to arrive. After registration all 4 teams anxiously waited for the pumpkins to start falling!

Our teams' pumpkins dropped early in the day, relieving a lot of stress on the teams. First up was team red, who had a rough time constructing their apparatus, but in the end prevailed and had a sucessful drop! The only issue was the pumpkin bounced away from the target, which may reduce the amount of points they will recieve. Second drop consisted of both team blue and team green. Both teams were prepared and confident in their drop. However, when hooking up the ropes team green's rope snapped and had to be retied. The event staff made quick work and soon both pumpkins were in the air! 5....4....3....2....1.... DROP! Both tubes hit the ground with a thud and quickly fell over, landing on target. The staff pulled the pumpkins out to reveal that team blue survived! Team green on the otherhand was not so fortunate. Over 50 more drops accured throughout the day, and we sat waiting for the results. At the end they finally announced that Team Blue and Team Red tied for second place in the Middle School division winning our school a trophy! The High School (former HTH members) swept the competition bringing home first place in the High School division. All in all it was a pretty sucessful competition and we can improve for the WVU drop next week. I know one thing is for sure, more bubble wrap!


To learn more about the pumpkin drop visit:

Bridge Valley

wowktv news


2 thoughts on “We Came, We Dropped, WE PLACED!

  1. Claudia LaFollette says:

    So I came here to judge, and that is exactly what I’m gonna do! You could have put A LOT more information about HTH  because I feel that the whole competition was about them, and how they won. Like why is it all about you? Other people besides just you guys tried! Plus you didn’t add how the HTH won a trophy also!  Thanks man

    cheerio, Claudia Mother truckin LaFollette


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