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BumbleBees STEM Club: A Year In Review

Our first competition was the Capital City pumpkin drop in Charleston, WV. We spent every Wednesday at the Pills planning, designing, and building. Soon that day arrived and we all showed up at the middle school and boarded the bus, making the trip. Once we disembarked at the drop site we unloaded and checked in. The day consisted of lots of waiting for our turn. Soon our turn was next so we all waited anxiously, our pumpkin was released and landed right on target, and didn't break! By the end of the day the BumbleBees were awarded first place in the high school division.

After pumpkin drop our next competition was First Lego League. Our team gladly excepted another member to help us out. We would all gather together on Wednesdays like normal and program or work on the project. Once competition time came around we were all very anticipating a win. We tried out very best but sadly were not given a placing at regionals for the robots abilities. Although we did do an excellent job presenting our project on turning water bottles into useful things, and came home with first place Core Values. All in all the 5 of us girls worked really hard and had a fun time doing it, and you don't need a trophy to prove that.

Our last competition was TARC. We all provided designs and ideas that would soon go into one design. We meet on the usual day and started construction etc... Soon the final product was accomplished and we were ready for a couple test flights. After the test flights we discussed how we were going to make the rocket better,which resulted in making the fins bigger. Finally the day came that we were going to get our qualifying launches in, we launched the first time and only got a height of 445 plus we had some fins break. I am pretty sure that we could say it wasn't our best year for rockets, but one of the middle school teams was able to get some great qualifiers and almost make it to TARC Nationals!

This year we are expanding our group and adding 3 more people! I can say that I have really enjoyed myself, and really appreciate the opportunity I have been given! I hope for more success this year, but also a really fun year.

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